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Cashier's Checks

Cashier's checks are guaranteed to be good because they are drawn against the Credit Union's account. To take out a cashier's check, you give the teller money for the amount of the check, along with your name and the name of the recipient.  The teller makes out the check, signs it, and gives it to you.

Certified Checks

Some recipients may want assurance that your check is valid, especially if it's written for a large amount. Certified checks, which are personal checks the Credit Union guarantees it will honor, work well in these kind of cases.

After you write the personal check, the teller stamps it "certified" and then puts a hold on your account for the amount.

Money Orders

Money orders are useful if you don't have a checking account, or you don't want to write a check. SRFCU charges only $2.50 per money order, making them one of the least expensive guaranteed payment methods. To take out a money order, you pay the teller the amount of the money order, plus the $2.50 fee. The amount is printed on the money order. You then fill out the requested information, sign it, and send it.

Although a money order is convenient, it does have certain limitations:

  • You don't get the money order back, so you have no way of knowing when or if it's been cashed.
  • You can't stop payment on a money order like you can a check.

Visa Gift Cards

Visa Gift Cards are always the perfect gift for any occasion. We offer gift cards in a variety of designs in any denomination of your choosing, with a low $3.00 fee per card.


Need a document faxed but don’t have access to a fax machine? No worries! We will fax your document for you and provide you a confirmation page. The cost of this service is $2.00 for the first page and $0.50 for each additional page.

Wire Transfers

Need to move funds to or from another financial institution but didn’t get an online ACH transfer setup in time? With a Wire Transfer the transferred funds are available the next business day in the account where you need them, regardless of where that institution is located.

To arrange a wire transfer, fill out our Wire Transfer Request form and fax or email it to us, or stop in and give the appropriate account information. A signature is required for all Wire Transfers. There is a $15.00 charge for outgoing wire transfers (transfer of funds from the Credit Union to another institution).

Notary Services

We have several licensed notaries on staff to handle your notary needs. Members can have documents notarized for no charge by visiting the Credit Union during normal business hours.

Overnight Service

If you need your Credit Union withdrawal in a hurry, overnight delivery service is available through FedEx.
There is a $15.00 fee for this service. Requests for Saturday delivery are $30.00.

Investment Planning

Consistent with our mission to improve your financial condition, we are pleased to work with James Kirkland as your Financial Advisor! For more information on the services James offers, 
click here.

More of a do-it-yourself type?  Click here to view our Self Service offerings!

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Lobby Services

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