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How does an organization benefit from affiliating with a credit union?

For years, credit unions have been the top-rated financial institution among consumers because of lower fees, competitive interest rates, faster loan service, and superior staff courtesy. Employees of an organization will find that the purchase power of their paychecks has been extended due to attractive interest rates on loans and credit cards. Individuals can realize their financial goals through higher rates on savings and investments. Of course, employees will save time thanks to convenient, automated services such as: direct deposit, payroll deduction, “Magic” Line telephone banking, “CU Online” 24/7 Internet account access, mobile account access, and much more! 

Why should an organization/association choose Standard Register Federal Credit Union?

Attracting, motivating, and retaining qualified associates are some of employers greatest challenges. By offering credit union membership as an enhancement to a benefits package, the value of the organization is also enhanced. It demonstrates that an organization truly cares about helping their associates achieve financial goals. The expected result? Improved morale, productivity, and loyalty to the company. Best of all, there is no cost or liability to an organization for offering the benefit of credit union membership.

How will the employees of an organization benefit from SRFCU?

Since we have been serving the employees of the Standard Register Company for over 80 years we know what employees are looking for when it comes to their personal finances. Plus, we are large enough to offer a vast array of competitively priced and technologically advanced financial services. Yet, we are small enough to provide the personal touch that is missing from many other financial institutions. You'll find that service to our members is our number one priority. For that reason, we maintain our Shared Branching service and our online branch.  In addition, SRFCU members have access to their accounts 24-hours a day, worldwide through ATMs, "Magic" Line (our audio response services), through "CU Online" (our 24/7 Internet account access), and through Mobile SRFCU, our newly redesigned mobile banking app for Android and iPhone. At SRFCU, each member’s savings are federally insured up to $100,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and privately insured by Excess Share Insurance for an additional $250,000. That is a total of $350,000 of insurance per member. All at no cost to you.

What responsibilities will an organization offering SRFCU services include?

Almost none! Certainly, there is no financial obligation or liability to the organization. Standard Register Federal Credit Union will handle aspects of the original promotion and enrollment. Ideally, the organization will support SRFCU by distributing the provided information to all new and existing employees. Then, a key person (we call an Ambassador) in the organization will be responsible for all correspondence and for keeping additional membership applications on hand. We will be happy to provide you with these as well as payroll stuffers and articles for any internal communication. This will keep everyone informed about current promotions and benefits on an on-going basis. A SRFCU representative will always be available to help with any questions that may arise at any given time.

How can an individual join SRFCU?

Once your organization has been approved for affiliation (membership), individuals may join Standard Register Federal Credit Union by completing a Membership Application and opening a savings account with a minimum deposit of $5. The initial $5 deposit is required to maintain membership at SRFCU. Once the account has been opened, you can start taking advantage of all the benefits SRFCU has to offer! 


If you need additional information, have questions concerning the credit union, or how it can benefit your financial future, please contact us at 937-223-3333 or toll free at 800-543-2283.

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Why Consider an Employer Affiliation with Standard Register FCU?

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