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Anytime access to your  money with our Checking Accounts​​

Ask for free Kasasa Checking and get cash back on more stuff
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Regular Checking

Some banks have a dozen different checking accounts to choose from, with qualifications on each to avoid fees. Not us. We keep it simple.

Our Regular Checking Accounts have:

  • No monthly service fee 

  • No minimum balance requirement

  • Unlimited check-writing privileges

And Regular Checking Accounts with balances of at least $50 earn monthly dividends (interest).

Click here to apply for a Regular Checking Account

Kasasa Cash® Checking

Want a checking account that pays you? Try Kasasa Cash checking! It’s the free account that pays you high dividends just for doing a few banking basics. You’ll also earn ATM withdrawal fee refunds.* Things like using your debit card and enrolling in eStatements get you closer to your rewards. And there’s never a monthly fee — ever. Learn more about this account.

Kasasa Cash Back® Checking

Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid to shop? Now you can! Sign up for free Kasasa Cash Back® checking to earn up to $10 in cash back every month on debit card purchases, along with up to $10 a month back in ATM withdrawal fee refunds, nationwide.* It’s a lot of cash back just for performing some easy banking activities. Learn more about this account.

Preferred Checking

The Preferred Checking Account earns dividends at a higher rate than our Regular Checking Account (to see current rates on both accounts,
click here.)

Preferred Checking Accounts have a minimum balance requirement of $2,500, and there is a $15 monthly charge if the balance falls below this amount.  But in all other respects, the Preferred Checking Account works like the Regular Checking Account.

Click here to apply for a Preferred Checking Account

​Additional Services

Overdraft Protection

This service automatically transfers funds from your Savings Account or Line of Credit to your Checking Account whenever your balance gets low.  You'll never bounce another check!  Depending on the circumstances of the transfer, there may be a nominal charge involved.

Member Privilege

Allows you to overdraw your checking account up to a specified limit.  There is a $30 fee for each overdraft, and the balance must be brought positive within 30 days to keep Member Privilege. 

Click Here to View Member Privilege Brochure

Direct Deposit

You may have any regularly issued payroll or government payment automatically deposited into your Checking Account.  Direct deposit is safe, convenient, and free!

Talk to the payroll department at your workplace to arrange for Direct Deposit.

ATM Card

​When you open a Share Savings or Checking Account, you can apply for a STAR ATM Card for easy access to your money. The STAR Card is accepted at all Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) that are part of the STAR network to withdraw cash or make balance inquiries, free of charge*. If you use your card at other ATMs to withdraw cash, a surcharge may apply.

For more information or to apply for an ATM card, call us at 937-223-3333, option 3.

Click here to view our STAR Cardholder Agreement and Disclosure.

To report a Visa Debit card lost or stolen please call 800-264-5578.

Visa Debit Card

When you open a Checking Account, you can apply for a Visa Debit card for easy access to your funds without the hassle of withdrawing cash from your account or writing a check. Visa Debit Cards can be used wherever Visa is accepted. The Visa Debit Card also doubles as an ATM card and be used at any Automated Teller Machine (ATM) that displays the Visa logo. Like with our ATM cards, ATMs that are part of the STAR network are free to use*. Other ATMs make incur a surcharge.

You have two options when using your Visa Debit card at a Point of Sale (POS) - as a credit purchase, where you sign for the purchase, or as a debit purchase, where you enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to complete the transaction. Both methods withdraw the funds from your SRFCU Checking Account and will reflect on your statement as POS transactions. In order to use your debit card to request cash back with your purchase, you must use your card as debit with your PIN.

​For more information or to apply for an Visa Debit card, call us at 937-223-3333, option 5.

Click here to view our VISA Debit Card Disclosure.

To report a Visa Debit card lost or stolen please call 800-264-5578.
Important Information about Visa Debit Cards:

In order to protect you and the credit union from loss, your Standard Register Federal Credit Union Visa Debit card will only work for purchases within the United States.  If you are planning a trip out of the country, please contact the credit union ahead of time, so that we can unblock the countries that you will be visiting.  

If you plan to travel outside of your state of residency, please contact us so that we can ensure you will not experience issues using your card while traveling.

For increased protection against debit card fraud, a new Travel Alert Policy was instituted on November 1, 2016.  The new policy affects Ohio Residents Only.  If you are an Ohio resident and planning to use your Credit Union Debit Card outside Ohio and its contiguous states (IN, KY, WV, PA and MI) you will have to either use your PIN number for all transactions or let the Credit Union know you are traveling outside the area.  Please call 937-223-3333, option 5 to alert us of your travel plans.

Additionally, due to an increase in debit card fraud in Ohio, our card processor may place a fraud block on your card and begin investigating purchases without contacting you. If this happens while our office is closed, you can call 866-842-5208 to contact our processor directly and verify your charges and have a block removed. 

*The first 5 transactions per month are free. Each additional transaction incurs a $1.00 fee. These fees are in addition to any surcharge imposed by the ATM owner. You can avoid surcharges by using ATMs that are part of the Alliance One Network. Kasasa Cash account holders get unlimited FREE ATM transactions AND get up to $10 in ATM owner fees refunded each month.