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Nobody likes paying bills, but automatic debit makes it much easier.  This free service can save you both time and money.
Here's how it works:
Say you are billed for your utilities by City Energy Company.  Simply contact City Energy Company and complete a pre-authorized payment form.  You will be asked to provide your Credit Union member number, and our routing number (242278179).
This gives City permission to debit your Credit Union Checking Account each month for the amount you owe.  Instead of a bill, you will receive a statement from City Company showing your energy usage for the month, and the cost.
Using this system has several advantages:
  • It's more convenient than writing and mailing checks
  • You can't forget to pay a bill
  • You save postage
  • You incur no late charges
Automatic debit bill payment cannot  be arranged by SRFCU; you must contact each of your creditors directly.  If you have questions, please call Crista (ext. 210) or Emily (ext. 211) here at the Credit Union.
(Don't have a Credit Union Checking Account?  Click here to learn why our Checking Accounts can save you money.)

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