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What Is "CU Online"?
(You can login to your account anytime by clicking on the Maroon bar in the upper left hand side of the screen, just underneath today's date)
"CU Online" is our online account access service that lets you use your PC to access your Credit Union accounts.  With just a click of your mouse, you can:
  • Obtain account information
  • Make transfers and loan payments
  • See if a check has cleared
  • View your account history
...and more!
How Much Does "CU Online" Cost?
This service is free!
How Do I Enroll in "CU Online"?
Enrollment procedures will differ, depending on whether or not you are enrolled in "Magic"Line, our 24-hour member service telephone line.
If you ARE enrolled in "Magic"Line:
You can use "CU Online" immediately.  Just enter your "Magic"Line Access Code (or PIN) to log on to "CU Online".  This way, you only have to remember one Access Code for both services.
If you ARE NOT enrolled in "Magic'Line:
Simply complete and submit an online enrollment form for"CU Online" or call the Credit Union (800-543-2283 or 937-223-3333 and dial ext. 200 for Michael Frankey.   You can open the form from the"CU Online"log in page or click here.

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