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Unpleasant though it is, have you ever considered how your family will manage if you cannot make your loan payments due to death or disability?
To protect our members and their families, we offer Credit Life and Disability Insurance. The affordable premiums can be financed with your loan. No physical examination is required as long as you meet eligibility requirements.


Credit life insurance
pays off the scheduled balance of your loan in the event of your death. In this way, your loved ones are protected. Your family can maintain the quality of life to which they are accustomed


If you suffer an injury or illness, credit disability insurance will make your payments until you can return to work or until the loan is paid off, whichever comes first.

This insurance makes non-taxable payments directly to the Credit Union. It also pays benefits regardless of any other benefits you may receive.
Hospitalization is not required.

(Please refer to your certificate for a complete examination of benefits.)

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