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"Save for a Sunny Day!"
Designed for children through age 12, the Scottie Savers Club teaches children good money management skills by making saving fun!
When a child opens a Scottie Savers account, he or she earns "Scottie Bucks" for each deposit made to the account.  These "Scottie Bucks" can then be redeemed for various prizes ranging from pens and yo-yos to sweatshirts, ball caps, and stuffed Scottie dogs.  Each item features "Penny", the adorable Scottie Savers Club mascot.
Upon joining the Scottie Savers Club, the child receives a welcome packet that includes a membership card, passbook record, quarter saver, and other "goodies".  For the grown-ups, there's a FAQ sheet explaining exactly how the program works.
To enroll a child who is already a Credit Union member, send us an e-mail at and request that we convert his or her account to a Scottie Savers.  If your child is not currently a SRFCU member, click here for a membership application (be sure to indicate that the account is to be a Scottie Savers).
To view the Scottie Savers Items available please click here.

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