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A Revolving Line-of-Credit (LOC) Loan allows you to borrow whatever amount of money you need at the time, up to your available credit limit.  As your monthly balance decreases, your available line of credit increases.

LOC Loans are convenient for two reasons:

  • Once the initial application has been approved, you can use the loan as often as you wish without having to re-apply each time.
  • The payment stays the same from month to month.

Also, because of variations in interest calculations, LOC loans usually involve lower payments than other open lines of credit, including credit cards.

Two types of LOC Loans are available:

  • The Revolving Credit Account (RCA), which works as described above.
  • The Checking Line of Credit, which is tied to your Checking Account.  It posts a loan to your Checking Account whenever you write a check for an amount greater than your account balance, so it functions as a form of overdraft protection.  Loan advances are made in $50 increments.

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Standard Register Federal Credit Union is an Equal Opportunity Lender. Applicants are generally notified of credit decisions within 7 business days of application. For questions about the status of a loan application, you may email or call 937-223-3333, option 4.

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