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Whether you're shopping for a new or used car, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle, boat, camper, or RV, we can help you save money!
Here's why you should talk to us first for financing:
We frequently offer auto loan specials to our members.  For example, right now we're offering both new and used auto loans starting at the same rate
You can apply for your auto loan now by clicking here!
Despite the low rates advertised at some places, it is often best to take the cash rebate and finance with us.  Ask a loan officer to calculate your interest savings.
We can help you determine the trade-in value of your present vehicle.  And we can provide you with the retail value of both new and used vehicles.  This knowledge will ensure that you get the best deal.
Our loan officers have years of experience helping SRFCU members obtain the best possible financing.  You won't find individualized service like this at most other places.
In addition, we offer low rates and convenient terms that are always clearly explained and represent a genuine value.
You can apply right now by clicking here
Check our current rates! 

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